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Tai Ping Hou Kui


Tai Ping Hou Kui is a famous Chinese green tea known for its distinctive appearance and elegant orchid aroma.

It’s made with the local Shi Da cultivar grown in the mountainous region of Tai Ping county in Anhui province. This local cultivar has larger leaves. Different from the common perception that smaller leaves are more tender and hence make better quality green teas. These large leaves are very tender and delicate.

The dry leaves have elegant sweet floral notes. Like what the locals do, I steeped the tea in a tall glass. As I slowly poured hot water onto the tea leaves, they released charming sweet, nutty and floral scents. The infused tea is smooth and delicate, with a refreshing vegetal taste and a touch of fruity notes of gooseberry and starfruit, soft orchid floral notes in the aftertaste. 

Region: Anhui, China

Season: Spring, 2023