Synergy Tea and Chocolate Pairing Box

Each Synergy Tea and Chocolate Pairing box includes the following delicious goodies:

- Chocolates from bean-to-bar chocolate makers

  • Gran Blanco (Peru, 70%) made by Qantu in Montreal, 50g
  • Criollo Chuao (Venezuela 70%) made by Domori in Italy, 25g
  • Genmaicha Latte dark milk chocolate made by VAKA in London, 20g

- Teas curated by World of Tea in Ottawa

(To make it fun, we won’t reveal the name of the tea here. It will be a surprise for you to discover when you do the tasting.)

  • White Tea from China, 21g (6 servings)
  • Black Tea from China, 21g (6 servings)
  • Green Tea from Japan 18g (6 servings)

- And three tasting note pages to guide you if needed.