LOVE Tea and Chocolate Pairing Box

Dear tea and chocolate lovers,

We hope this pairing box can bring you some joy, happiness, and a sense of discovery amid the sameness of the days, and that you will enjoy this fantastic tasting experience.

Each LOVE box includes the following delicious goodies:

- Chocolates from Canadian bean-to-bar chocolate makers

  • Hispaniola (Dominican Republic 70%) made by Hummingbird Chocolate, 28g
  • Winter Warmer (Tanzania 65% with warming spices) made by Sirene Chocolate, 70g
  • Raspberry bar made by Soma Chocolatemaker, 33g

- Teas curated by World of Tea in Ottawa

(To make it fun, we won’t reveal the name of the tea here. It will be a surprise for you to discover when you do the tasting.)

  • Organic Wulong Tea from Taiwan, 21g (6 servings)
  • Darjeeling Tea from India, 21g (6 servings)
  • Handcrafted caffeine-free herbal tea featuring dried fruit and flowers with a gentle touch of natural sweetness, 18g (6 servings)

- And three tasting cards to guide you if needed

Treat yourself or a loved one and order your pairing box today!