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Green Tangerine Pu Er (Xiao Qing Gan)


This unique treat is made by hollowing out a green tangerine, filling it with Pu Er tea, and then letting it dry as one.

Green tangerine Pu Er tea’s quality and taste vary greatly depending on the type of tangerine, the tea used, and the drying method. We’ve tasted many to find you this one with superb quality and flavour.

Our producer uses green tangerine fruits from Xinhui, a place in Guangdong, China, known for producing the best tangerine peel (Chenpi in Chinese). The tea selected is eight years aged imperial grade Yunnan ripe Pu Er tea. They take the time to slowly sun dry the tea stuffed green tangerines for optimum flavour.

Once infused, the tea is velvety smooth in texture; the green tangerine’s bittersweet taste and crisp citrus notes perfectly complement the woodsy and earthy flavours of the Pu Er Tea. Very low in caffeine and great for digestion.