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Ya Shi Xiang Xue Pian Dancong (winter harvest)

Other names: Duck Shit Aroma Dancong, Snowflake Duck Shit Aroma

Region: Guangdong, China

Season: December 2021

Love at first sip with this amazing Snowflake Duck Shit Aroma Winter Dancong!

Please don’t be taken back by its name. Trust me, the flavour is nothing like its name. It’s highly aromatic with exotic floral notes complemented by hints of sweet aromas of ripe papaya, freshly baked sugar cookie, summer honey, and a distance hint of caramel. Such a delicious tea! It’s a must-try.

Ya Shi Xiang (literally translates to Duck Shit Aroma) is a unique tea that grows in the Phoenix Mountains in Chaozhou, China. There are different stories of how this tea got its name:

1. A group of ducks liked to gather under the mother tree. When visitors asked what this tea was, the farmer turned and looked at his tea tree with the ducks under it and came up with this name.

2. The farmer produced a highly aromatic tea which led people curious about what it was. Worried that someone would steal his tea tree, he called it “duck shit aroma” in an attempt to hide the secret to his delicious tea and to dissuade interest.

3. The village where this cultivar grows has unique soil with yellow-brown colour. To dissuade interest from outsiders, the villagers claimed the uniqueness of their soil was due to a large amount of duck shit and began to call their tea “duck shit aroma”.

Like with many folklore stories, we will never know which one if any is true, but this name stayed. Which version of the story do you think is true?