Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Fujian)

One of the finest white teas made exclusively from the tender buds of the tea plants. Sweet, floral and buttery are the highlights brought to mind by this exceptional white tea.

Dry leaves: soft and soothing floral notes.

Taste: This tea’s brew is smooth, soft and buttery, filled with sweet (white honey, sugarcane) and refreshing vegetal aromas (snow pea, fresh edamame), and a hint of fruity notes (honeydew). It has a refreshing finish on the palate with a subtle floral undertone (honeysuckle). Un unique flavour profile shaped by its terroir, cultivar, and skills of the producer.  

A must-try for anyone who wants to explore the world of white teas.

Other names: Silver Needle

Region: Zhenghe, Fujian, China

Season: Spring 2022